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Chicken Breast (Fat Free)

  • Chicken breast boneless is tender white meat .
  • These are slabs of boneless chicken. 
  • It is white meat with no fat and perfectly slice cut.
  • Order Fast Chicken boneless chicken breast (Fat free) for easy to cook,yet satisfying delicacies.
  • The perfect healthy meal which helps in  maintaining your daily protein needs.

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Rs 310.00

  • Skinless

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  • Ordering  from Fast :

    Chicken Breast (Fat Free) contains:

    • Chicken breast piece without back bone from a small / mid sized halal cut chicken . (Select custom cuts if required)
    • Total fat & skin is removed and chicken boneless is cleaned and washed before packing.
    • Packed in food grade disposable trays with  cling film wrapped on it.
    • Chicken breast (Fat Free) is delivered in cold insulated delivery bags using chill packs to keep it  fresh. Thus, the product delivered is chilled and fresh.

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