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Chicken Cut Pieces

  • A selection of dark and light meat which can be used for Indian curries , Biryani, boiled chicken, casseroles, soup stock or stir-fries.
  • Chicken is cut into convenient size pieces and is ready to cook.  
  • Includes breast meat, thigh meat and drumsticks.
  • Fast chicken assures the best custom cuts in chicken  cut pieces to let you enjoy every bite of your biryani or the recipe of your choice. 

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Rs 95.00

  • Skin
  • Skinless

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  • Ordering  from Fast :

    Chicken Cut Pieces contains:
    • Convenient Chicken pieces from a Halal cut chicken which is  free from innards, giblets & vent.
    • A special cut from chicken leg & thigh , wing without the tip, breast piece with backbone & neck.
    • Liver & gizzard on request.
    • Chicken Cut Pieces are delivered with Skin or Skinless as per order which is washed/ Cleaned before delivery.
    • Packed in food grade disposable trays with  cling film  wrapped on it.
    • Chicken Cut Pieces  delivered in cold insulated delivery bags using chill packs  to keep it  fresh, thus , the product delivered is chilled and fresh.

    Total Fat (gm)3.1
    Saturated Fat(gm)0.8
    Mono Saturated Fat(gm)0.9
    Poly Saturated Fat (gm)0.8

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