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Chicken Lollipop

  • Chicken lollipops are superior & juicy appetite.
  • Chicken lollipop makes a indian-asian starter meal.
  • With a rolled meat appearance and a clean bone for a handle, it offers a mouthful of tasty, soft meat in every bite.
  • Chicken lollipops are done by converting chicken wings through meat cut from the tip and pushed down the bone making a convenient handle.
  • Fast chicken lollipops are a selected sizes of 40-50 gms per piece which shall satisfy your starter snack meal.


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  • Skin

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 12

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  • Ordering  from Fast :

    Chicken lollipops are: 

    • Wings from halal cut  chicken, which are separated  & processed in hygiene environment into chicken lollipop by the meat cut from the tip and pushed down the bone making A convenient handle.
    • Skin/ Skinless as per the order and chicken lollipops are cleaned / Washed before delivery.
    • Packed in food grade disposable trays with  cling film  wrapped on it. 
    • Delivered in cold insulated delivery bags using chill packs  to keep it  fresh, thus the product delivered is chilled and fresh.

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