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Chicken Leg (Marinated)

Chicken Leg Fry is an all time favorite of all. Whether it is a small get-together or just a family affair, Chicken Leg Fry turns out to be a meal along with a healthy salad and any rice.(or Biryani!!) brings to you pre-marinated, ready-to-cook Chicken Leg Pieces.

The chicken leg pcs are carefully chosen by and marinated with the perfect leg fry marinade to give you that perfect  taste.

Try Chicken Leg Fry (pre-marinated) today  and we are sure you would never go wandering about for a great taste.

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    Each container of pre-marinated Chicken Leg Fry contains:

    • 3 Tender Leg Pcs of approx. 150 gms. each, marinated in a way they are ready to cook.
    • Chicken Leg Fry pre-marinated comes in a high quality food grade container and is delivered in insulated storage boxes .
    • You can cook them immediately or store them in your freezer for less than 3 days from delivery.

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