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Chicken Leg Pcs.

  • Chicken leg is the choice for a wholesome and satisfying meal.
  • Whole Chicken leg offers a juicy bite of soft meat coupled with rich flavor of the meat & bone.
  • Taste the difference with every bite you eat of tender & juicy Chicken leg pcs.
  • Fast chicken leg piece is the most hot selling product, as it is known for a specially selected size which assures you great taste till the last drop of juice in it.

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Rs 45.00

  • Skin
  • Skinless

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    Chicken leg Pcs contains:

    • Full leg of a halal cut chicken, Which includes dark meat comprising of the chicken thigh and drumstick.
    • The ordered whole Chicken Leg (Skin / Skinless) , is cleaned and washed three times before packaging.
    • Packed in food grade disposable trays with cling film wrapped on it.
    • Chicken Leg Pcs. are delivered in cold insulated delivery bags using chill packs to keep them fresh. Thus, the product delivered is chilled and fresh.
    Total Fat (gm)4.3
    Saturated Fat(gm)1.1

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