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Whole Country Chicken

  • Country chicken also known as Desi/Gavran is free range chicken which is not just tastier but also healthier than broiler chicken.
  • It has a very varied diet and plenty of exercise and exposure to nature. This helps in developing the complexity of the meat's flavors.
  • A whole chicken with skin / without skin is  loaded with rich proteins, carbs and high energy.
  • Ordering from Fast Chicken.in assures you premium quality healthy country chicken.

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  • Skin
  • Skinless

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  • Ordering  from Fast Chicken:

    Whole country chicken contains:

    • Mid size chicken weighing 1-1.5 kg as per order.
    • Halal cut Chicken free from innards, giblets & vent.
    • Skin or Skinless delivered as per the order also washed properly before delivery.
    • Packed in food grade pouch & disposable trays with cling film wrapped on it.
    • Country chicken is delivered in cold insulated delivery bags using chill packs  to keep it  fresh,  hence the product is delivered fresh  & chilled.