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Minced Chicken (fat free)

  • Chicken minced when cooked is exotic, exceptional and a unique to taste.
  • Healthiest (kheema) made out of chicken boneless and skinless chicken meat.
  • Chicken minced is mostly used to make popular dishes like kebabs, burger patties, chicken meatballs or cooked and served in Asian salad’s.
  • Fast Chicken assures freshly minced, fat free (kheema) to make a versatile meal.

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  • Skinless

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    Minced Chicken(Fat Free):

    • Halal cut chicken boneless (kheema) is free from trimmings, bones, sinews and blood.
    • Skin & fat is removed and chicken boneless is washed & cleaned before mincing.
    • It is packed in food grade disposable trays with cling film wrapped on it.
    • Minced chicken is delivered in cold insulated delivery bags using chill packs  to keep it  fresh,  hence the product is delivered fresh & chilled. 

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